Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crazy Mixed up Give Away Post!

This is my Sister-in-law Regina's birthday!
She is the one with the looong dark hair and tons of it!
Happy girl's night out!

This post is going to have my giveaway in it FINALLY!
It will be at the bottom,but I am warning you!
I loaded these pics at 3 in the morning
so this all has no rhyme or reason!

The end of the rain and the beginning of my roses!

Regina and I on birthday night!

Elli and Jeremy on Easter

My oldest Drew,my brother and his buddy Tim on Easter

Elli with her treasures!

My mom and my 3 yr. old Luke!

Pam & I on Regina's birthday!

Jenny and I with our toes in the sand on a 90 degree
day on a San Fransisco beach!

Cheers to you if you made to the end!
I have to explain myself a little,I normally have some point
But in this case I was trying to get pics to a friend,
cover the giveaway and stay awake at the same time!
So I have decide to send out a little painting!
I don't know what yet but something fun
that will make you smile!
I have a couple in the works
so I will post the pics when I post the winner!
Leave a comment if you want to win one of my paintings
and it is as simple as that!
xoxo Sheri DeBow

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The beautiful Assemblage work of Jack Howe!

Stories of art in Santa Cruz!
Yesterday I had the most wonderful privilege
of traveling to Santa Cruz with my beloved friends
Jennybird Alcantara and John Mosbaugh
We went to see the show at Cabrillo college Art Museum
Which was an installation of Jack Howe's work
His work is put together to deal with current and relevant issues
as well as tell where he has been and what roads he has traveled.
All of Jack's pieces tell amazing stories
My photos of course do not do the work justice
as it is so wonderful to see
it all as a whole installation
but these are some of the smaller details.

Jack has a great and twisted sense of humor
There is definitely a dark side to his work
but it is balanced well with the light side of humor.

This is a piece that he added an old canvas to and embellished
her in old, beautiful jewelry you might find
rummaging through your grandmothers drawers
Many of the pieces include old war relics, antique photographs
tiny metal guns,medallions from the Catholic church
so many little pieces of literal representation
that you can get the meaning
and the feelings he is conveying just by studying
all the imagery he has chosen to bring together!

"My Forgotten Doll"
Is my favorite piece as I relate to loving a doll so much
as a little girl and then moving on to boys and so on
only to come back to loving dolls again as a grown woman
and wishing I had many of those dolls that were"forgotten"
Oh The Irony!

This is Jack Howe at the end of our wonderfully guided
tour into his mind!
Jack thankyou so much for the wonderful evening
and the time spent painstakingly assembling
your beautiful stories, boxes, shrines and treasures of art!

Jack Howe with "Heavy the HandPuppet"

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Allysin Wunderland & the Power of Suggestion"

Sheri DeBow artwork 585, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

Here is my installation piece almost done for the show in May at Eclectix! There are many other little pieces you can't see until she is completely done!
The painting still needs work and it will hang higher but I thought everyone might have fun seeing the work in progress pics!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and didn't go into too much of a food and chocolate coma! We had a great egg hunt ....and I still don't know what bunnies have to do with Jesus but we play along anyway (Actually I do know that the symbol of the bunny originated from the pagan beliefs of fertility ,hence the term, "F-ing like Rabbits" But I am baffled as to why they got mish mashed into what was for years considered a religious holiday.

They are so darn cute though! )
I mentioned having a give away so that will be in my next post! Until then I hope everyone is doing what they need to do to smile and laugh hysterically and not just go ho hum through life!!

xoxo Sheri DeBow

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is a Normal Day For Me!

The artwork of Sheri DeBow

Ahhh the path of least resistance !

What the heck is that?! My kids are making me crazy!

And so is my computer! AAAAUGH!
To turn it around I have to say I am so happy that I have both of those things to complain about!

Seriously, if I am honest , I have to say that I am as spoiled as all five of my monkeys!

I can only admit that here, cause they will never, ever read this!

If I count my blessings I would be busy for quite a while!
I am so happy that feelings of frustration pass

and that my paintings can be a cathartic experience

to get it out and breath again!
Love to you! Time to reflect,count your blessings and create!
xoxo Sheri DeBow

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Treacherous Gardens"by Jennybird Alcantara

This is the beautiful and talented
miss Jennybird Alcantara
all decked out in her feathers
just moments before the opening of her solo show
"Treacherous Gardens"
If you haven't taken time to see Jennybird's amazing art
I suggest you take time right now!
Jenny bird's show is running from March 31st-May 9th 2009
"Varnish", in downtown San Fransisco, is featuring her work. for directions

This is the piece for the title of the show
"Treacherous Garden"

Here we are in front of "Hiding Place"

This is Jennybird's wonderful friend Sigal Arad-Inbar
She flew all the way from New York to support Jenny!
Sigal is an amazing artist who sculpts creatures from her wild imagination
They are painted in extraordinary colors
You can see her work at

Towards the end of the night Jenny gets smooches
from her adorable husband John Mosbaugh
John is also an amazing artist in his own right.
He is a writer and he and Jenny have done a million
collabrative pieces together through their
ten years of craziness.
Last night I was bestowed with an autographed copy of John's book:
"Halloween in The Castro"
Besides writing poems for Jennybird's dolls,tons of short stories, he can whip up a play
and if you have ever had the privilege to see any of their productions,
you know what a talented duo they are!
I feel privileged to know that they are my friends!


This is Jenny's wonderful mama Lynn!
She has been a total joy

to have known for almost my whole life!
She is as outrageous and fun as Jennybird
She has always encouraged Jenny in any project
she has ever taken on!
Last night Lynn told a great story about buying Jenny a drafting table
when she was twelve.
She laughingly added that her and Jenny's father are taking credit
for all that she has accomplished!
She is truly proud of Jenny as everything that she has jumped into with both feet
has brought all her hard work and labors of love to where she is today!

This is Jennybird and I standing in front of
"Struggle In the Garden of the Porcelain Queen"

This is Jennybird with Kerri the owner of Varnish
throwin' down some signs Yo! Fo Sho!
( Jen, the other owner was being camera shy)

"Varnish" is so beautiful and if you want to be transported
into the dream that is Jenny's mind ,
you should see all this work in person!
Obviously my pictures are just an appetizer!
With over 300 people in attendance, what a spectacular turn out!
Jenny had so many wonderful and amazing artists
there to see her work and support her:
"Emily the Strange" Creator Rob Reger
Davey Wong from San Fransisco
Jack Howe from Santa Cruz,
Erica Steiner from San Fransisco
Aaron Castro from San Fransisco
Cheyanne"Miss Oblivious" from Seattle
more wonderful people that I didn't get to meet
and too many to name them all.
I have to say huge congratulations to Jennybird
as she sold almost half of the show on opening night!
What an exciting night and life for my childhood friend!
You are blowin' up girl!
And I love the humbleness you possess
when meeting and talking to so many people who love your work!
I will love you forever xoxo Sheri DeBow