Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Congratulations Terisa Huddleston!

I just want to say a huge ,"You go girl!" To :
Terisa Huddleston!

She is an amazing seamstress,fabric and textile artist.
Today she is on the cover of Haute Handbag!
I am not surprised! But I am thrilled for her!
I have admired her work for years!
Even as far back from the days
when she made beautiful elaborate costumes
For all kinds of events here in our beautiful Napa Valley!
I also want to say "Thankyou" to Terisa
because she is the woman that told me I HAD to start a blog!
Terisa Huddleston You are so right! It is so fun!
"Running with Scissors" and SabiiWabbi"are her blogs
among others and her work with the Life Through Art Foundation
is a tireless labor of love!
Pop over to her blog and tell her congrats!
You will learn what an amazing artist,woman,writer,
mother&creative soul she is!
Hooray for you and dreams coming true! xoxo Sheri DeBow

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Renee!!!

Arts pixs 2008-09 502, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

This is a Birthday wish for :
Queen Renee! from "Circling my Head"
I am hoping you have many blessings this year!
I am wishing for time to be creative for you!
I am praying for renewed strength and health!
I know you are a spunky girl so I only hope to get to read a million more exciting,thought provoking,intelligent,opinionated,wild and wise "Renee" posts! You go girl! I hope your day is special and I hope your year is amazing!

xoxo Sheri DeBow

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Allysin Wunderland & the Power of Suggestion"

Here is my little "Allysin" almost finished!
I thought I would put some of the process up for my fellow artists to check out.

I still need to get a better bottle so I can paint the little "Drink Me" on the glass
She stands drying in my little front Garden.

I will still add polka dots to her socks
and paint the base.There are a few more accessories
for her but that can be a surprise for the finished work.
Don't you love to watch your work emerge?

She has been so much fun to work on!
She is just a hair over three feet tall.And my one year old thinks he needs to kiss her.
It is so cute except for the sticky fingers that I have to keep attacking
with baby wipes to keep him from leaving his mark on her!

I swear it's almost as fun as watching your baby grow...well not that fun,
but it is definitely a labor of love!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Whimsical & Beautiful Work
of Miss Vanessa Valencia

Creator of
"A Fanciful Twist "

Can you have any Idea how excited I was
to receive these precious presents in the mail?
Prints! Postcards!Stickers! Stampwork!
And yes, the adorable stampwork
on the outside of the parcel

will be cut out and saved by me!!!

I love the way she combines happy and sad emotions simultaneously!
They mesh together so well in everything she does!
Her work is a perfect example of the rollercoaster that is Life!

I love this little Princess.I have days I would love to escape
& just be in an

"Enchanted Wishing Tree"
Thankyou So Much for the "Ostrich Girl" print for this Ostrich Girl!
I am sooo excited that struck a chord with you!
I know your life will always be filled with Joy , Blessings
and many pretty packages filled with goodies in the mail
because of your amazing generosity!

Much love to you!
The Ostrich Girl
Sheri DeBow

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

They are such great buddies!
These two almost never fight! They laugh and play and almost always have to be in each others spaces, they even share toys which is unheard of for one and three year old boys!
So my first two started fighting the day the second was born.
They have had to grow to love each other.They are so different and I always try to tell them that they are each others history.
They are sixteen months apart but there are times that they seem worlds apart!

The Baby! He is as wild and fun as his hat!
He is so fun and squishy ! I don't want to stop kissing his softy baby cheeks!

This is my one and only Favorite daughter! Here she is with her big brother.
She is planted smack in the middle of the house full of boys.
She says she loves it. Hmmm... should I be concerned?
She can definetely hold her own with them.
So I have talked about having five kids and they started to seem like
the imaginary kids since I had not put them in my blog.
( well, other than to use them for the excuse of why
I am living on caffeine)
So here are all my monkies,big and little.
I love them soooo much!
They are fun,lovable,noisy,
hilarious,wild, a constant lesson in patience
and the light of my life!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saying Goodbye to the Carnival Fun!

, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

It is always sad to see the carnival go.

At the end of last night my belly was full with buttery popcorn and a huge Iced tea .

Apples dipped in caramel and corn on the cob bathed in butter.

I watched the dancers dance out of sight!

Goodnight !
Goodnight !
Goodnight !

Friday, March 13, 2009

I hope you all enjoy my little video.
I think the work all goes well with the
Carnival Soiree event

that Lisa Kettell is hosting at Faerie Enchantment
All art work on this video (and this blog) is done by Me! Sheri DeBow
Hooray for Creativity and endless supplies of Dreams!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And Puppet Dancers!

picnikfile_nRtt2r, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.
Merry Annette Can't wait to join in all the carnival merriment!
Hooray for cotton candy and buttery popcorn! Hotdogs and corndogs! Caramel apples!
Time to see all the handmade stuff and see who won for the best chili and homemade pie!
Thankyou Lisa for hosting this super fun event!
See evryone on March 14th!

Acrobats! Come one come all!

Hello fellow acrobats and performers!
Stretch your limbs and get ready to march in the carnival parade!

, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.
Seriously has anyone ever had a crush on a carney!
You know the young boy who doesn't belong there, hasn't totally wrecked himself with drugs, so he still has his teeth and you are say, 12 to 15 so you don't know better not to fall for the boy in the traveling show!
What about getting on a ride and looking at the person running the contraption
that is about to fling you in the air
Have you ever wondered if there were any parts missing
when they finished construction?
But you can't beat the scrumptious greasy food.
Thank God that it's only once a year!

Elephants Never Forget!

, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.
This is a tiny little water color I blew up and put on here for the celebration
that Lisa Kettell is hosting.
If you don't already own her book:
Altered Art Circus
you should definately pick it up!
Her work is so whimsical and can add an extra bit of fun and inspiration
to any great piece of art you are already working on.
Plus the book includes all kinds of fun cut outs and projects all ready to do!
I have done so much fun stuff since I picked up her book four weeks ago and you will love it too!

Clowns and Jugglers!

Mr. Juggler is ready to entertain you!
I wish I was better at Juggling...my life!
I have so much on my plate right now
and yet here am, playing with my new found computer skills!
I should be painting or sculpting but I justify not doing that with the fact that if I get out paint or get my hands all covered in clay it seems to be the time without fail that I get a call from the school about some shennanigan that my son has gotten into, or one of my babies has wrecked their diaper.The constant interuptions do not work well with my art.Not because it wrecks my art but because I will neglect my responsibilities for the love of my art.So my art must wait until bedtime or an occasional day at Gramma and Poppas. Or until Daddy is free .I know all you multi- tasking mommies out there are getting me!!!
I can't believe how quickly time passes when I sit down to my computer.
You know the old saying" Time flies when your'e having fun."
I think in blog land it flies in double time!
Be creative and love to all!

Tigers! Oh My!

Tigers! Oh My!, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.
Tigers and Popcorn and Artwork! Oh My!
Loving the theme at faerie enchantmet
Everyone come along and we will party like the little animals we are!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad!
I love you two sooo much! What a wonderful history of dedication and love! You stand out in the crowd of people who don't make it! Plus you are still best friends and love to play together! We should all be Jealous!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blustery Day

, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

I am Loving the windy weather and that it blew the rain away for a few days! Hooray for the time change! Hooray for the sun! Hooray for long days to work outside and paint outside ! I am still so thrilled and amazed to pop around to the different blogs. I love how creative everyone is !!!

If you want to get a dose of energy,happy and fun check out the joy coming off of Linda Cardina of GEMnI.She is one seriously happy girl! She is inspiring on so many levels to get off your butt and attack your life with some serious gusto!
So my winner of my little mini giveaway was Renee from Circling My Head.Renee it is going to take me a bit to come up with art to go with your awesome story because I have decided it is just too inspiring and I will have to paint your story! I will be sending your little gifties out very soon! Love to everyone!!!