Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Evil Bunny Show
at The Land of Odd Gallery
in the City of Angels
Has come to a close!
Over half my creations found new homes.
And these precious ones came back to me yesterday.

This is "Sweet Maiden Bunny"
she will be making her first appearance at
Studio Gallery in San Fransisco
The opening show is July 25th from 2-6
If you can make it I will be overjoyed to see you!

Sweet bunny sisters

"Little Miss Muffet Sat on Her Tuffet,
Eating Her Curds & Whey......."
will also be at the San Fransisco show

Shared little secrets between these two!

I hope all is well with all you doll creators and artists!
A side note: I jumped in here and tried to delete
a comment that was trash and accidentally deleted
everyones beautiful comments!
I can't believe how easily it just erased everyone!
If for some reason you can't get to me
E-mail me at
I keep promising to keep up on my blog!
This time I mean it!
Talk to you all soon!