Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life is a CIRCUS
I hope everyone is having fun!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the winner isssss....
Okay seriously people I just couldn't stand to pick one!
So My Winners ARE:
Just Jingle
Chelle of Dasmauspad
Ziggy Stardust
Between my blog and onto my facebook
I had about 300 of the fun and craziest people!
I never had two seconds to enter
cause I am sculpting for my new show in L.A.
But I will be popping by to everyone who left me comments!
Thankyou as always for stopping in,
the sweet words & I know how busy we all are,
so even for taking the time
to spread a little encouragement!
Life is soooo full of Yuck
that it is so fun when we all get to send
in the LOVE!!!!!
Wow gettin' way cheesy,
but I guess that's my feeling tonight!

" Catfish"

If you get a second, rent it.
Oh the sadness that is out there!
Let us hope that we all fill our lives with truth
and in return experience happiness that is reality!
Talk soon!!!!! : )

Friday, February 11, 2011


Hooray One World One Heart!
Fun T-shirts from my Etsy shop that
I will send you along with an original art surprise!

Hello One World One Heart Party Goers!
My Name is Sheri DeBow and I am an Artist
living in the Napa valley!
I am so excited to be part of this online event
that brings people from so many regions of our globe together!
I will be giving away a piece of art but I have not decided what just yet!
I think the surprise is part of the fun!

I hope everyone is getting excited too!
Don't forget to leave me the easiest way to contact you

For sure Along with your art, you will receive one of my
T-shirts from my Etsy Shop and one of the carry all bags!
talk soon and post away! : )


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes it's here!
Hooray for the One World One Heart Giveaway!!!
Just leave me a comment here
on my blog and you will be entered to win!
I will post pics soon as to what's up for grabs!
In the mean time enjoy
some of my pics and craziness here on
the Ostrich Girl blog!

See you soon!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Fun Year with Dolls!!!

Happy Joyous time to all of you in Cyber world!!!!
It's almost time for the Final year of the huge
One World One Heart Blog Event!
It will be happening in January and
I am so excited to say that I will be taking part
of the fun giveaway event
but sad to see that this is the final year!
I know that the Whimsical Bohemian
will probably be thinking up other fun events
to bring us all closer together around the globe!
Until then Thank you sooo much for Making
One World One Heart open for all of us
to take part in!

I had such an incredible year with art and friends
and so many new friends!
I feel so beyond blessed
to have been able to travel
to so many of the events
and meet so many of the artists
that create the eye candy that gives life
that extra little spark!!!!!
The Galleries were all so wonderful
to host our sculptures and artwork!
To: Poet's Gallery in New Orleans,
M.F. Gallery in New York,
323 East in Michigan,
Land of Odd in L.A.,
La Luz de Jesus in Hollywood,
Studio Gallery on Polk in S.F.,
Modern Eden in San Francisco,
63 Bluxome in San Francisco
& Psycho Donuts Gallery in Campbell
I just cannot say Thank You Enough!!!!
What a joy to meet all the artists you represent
and to work with you throughout this year!
I was busy as a bee
Working on Dolly heads!
Everyone needs a dolly head on their tree right?

"Ghost Girl" headed to Campbell California

Christine Benjamin and I at the Holiday opening
for the show at Psycho Donuts

How awesome is it when your crazy girlfriends are artists too?
They get the crazy long hours, the endless need for inspiration,
the mad dash to mail work or deliver it to the gallery,
and trying to resist buying work in every show you are in!

So much fun to finally get to go
and relax at the openings!

Work at The Land of Odd in L.A.
Opening for the Dia de Los Muertos show

"Leaving the Mansion"
( Or Being Kicked out)
for the Evil Bunny show at the Land of Odd

A Saucy group of us girlies
heading out for a night in New Orleans

Shoes!!! Let's get 'Em!!!
Mama loves her some shoes!!!

Just can't have too many !

Christine Benjamin & I at
"The Carnival of Saints of Souls"
in New Orleans

Lateefah Wright,Me & Christine
up close & personal
at the Poet's Gallery in New Orleans

St. Julia& St. Cladius at Poet's Gallery
in New Orleans

Lovely Sweet Artists:
Christy Kane & Lateefah Wright
Long time friends! Whirlwinds of Talent!

My "Dolls on the Wall"
at Poet's Gallery

Lateefah Wright, Cheyanne Oblivious & Myself
at Poet's gallery in New Orleans

Me and Jacqui Gallant!!!
I Love my Yacquiiiii!

More of my "Dolls on the Wall"

Boot shot in New York!
These Boots are Made for walking!
Us girls love us some boots !!!

Jennybird & I with her birthday dollies!
Christy Kane's babies & Little Lateefah Wright sweetness!
Spoiled girl!

Insanity out in New Orleans with the Girls!

The New Year is upon us and time
for a January Giveaway in the
One World One Heart Blog Event

Don't miss a chance to win a Sheri DeBow Creation!
Plus all the other amazing art you will get to see on
over a thousand blogs!

Hooray for a year in crazy Dolls & even crazier friends!

Christine Benjamin,Carissa Swenson,
Tracey Nuskey-Dodson
Marie Patterson,Jacqui Gallant,Dani Nelson,
Jennybird Alcantara in the lineup at New york with
me crouching in the front!

Fun night out on our way to the opening
At M.F. Gallery in New York

The work bench and fabric chaos
in preparation for New York

The Fabulous Miss Christy Kane, who pulled from all over
to curate & create the amazing lineup that
I was honored to be a part of
at The Poet's Gallery in New Orleans
"A Carnival of Saints & Souls"

Decapitated Dolly head ornaments just in time for Christmas!
Headed to Psycho Donuts

"Pristine in Pink"
Hanging at Modern Eden in San Francisco

"Where's My Daddy?"
also at Modern Eden

"It's Hard to Watch You Fall"
At Modern Eden in S.F.

"Growing Up Too Fast in Daddy's House"
at M.F. Gallery in New York

Work Station abundance, too much to choose from!!!!

Decapitated Dolly Head Ornament
For M.F. in New York

"What Now?!!!"
part of My "Tortured Doll" series
at M.F. in New York

"Cecilly Cyborg Castaway"
Carved Driftwood & German Polymer clay

In Prep for the next show

I took the trip by myself to L.A. down to
The Land of Odd
For the "Dia De Los Muertos "show.
What a great chance to have some southern Cal. Fun!
I had already shown with them in the spring
so it was fun to pop back down for this
And say "Hello!" to everyone!

"Bubblegum Secrets & Skelletons in The Closet"
at the Land of Odd in L.A.

"Kat Karnival" for Land of Odd

Part of the Amazing Lineup of Doll artists for Poets Gallery
in New Orleans
Molly McGuire, Lateefah Wright, Cheyanne Oblivious, Christy Kane,
Me ,Pandora Gastelum,Angela Raney,Colleen Downs

"The Cat Got More Than Your Tongue"

These are some of the works
I sent off to 323 East in Michigan
For the "Candy Canes & Snowflakes" show

"Eva Marie & All She Has to Give"

"Badger Boy"
at 323 East in Michigan

More prep time trying to decide on final hairdos

Us Girlies all in a row at the opening of
"A Carnival of Saints & Souls"

Colleen Downs,me,Christine Benjamin,
Tara Rech & Jacqui Gallant!
This was one of the BEST trips I have ever taken
I know it was part Christy Kane sparkle,
& All the Fabulous art girls in the show,
part New Orleans magic,
part the grace and generosity of Jeanne Landymoore
at Poet's Gallery,

But I just cannot imagine my year with out the gem of this trip!
I love you guys sooooo much!!!!!
Have an amaaaaazzzzing New year!
I cannot wait for our next adventures!!! : )