Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tea Party Fun!!!

Oh Everyone is soooo excited!
All the lacy dresses and pretty china and fine linens!
The Tea Party Has begun!

Scrumptious Snacks!
Delectable Delights!

And a nice warm Tea Pot to keep us going all night!!!
We're late! we're late! For a very important date!
Of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't run late!
The white Rabbit is trying to keep me on track!
Better late than Never!

"Colette" my Mad Hatter, is Running the show
Too much Jelly and Toast!
Time to be ladylike and find my little napkin!
Cheers to everyone! Enjoy the Teatime!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is a work in progress for Jacqui at Odd dolls
She is going to be "Eros goddess of chaos"
Can you see the chaos in the background?
That is my life at this moment!

Here we are in the circus of my world!
Three days ago I had surgery
I was living in the cloud of Vicodin and the cloud lifted!
Now that I am recouping I thought maybe
I could get caught up on a few things!
So here we go!

I hung some new art in the middle of my play things!
Notice the little hands below that think they need
to help contribute to mommy's mini gallery!

This is my new art doll "Ferral Girl"
She is made by Anita Collins
She is based on Gary MCrozier's series "Broken Dolls"
I love her! I hope you can see what I see!
She is so fragile and soft and yet she is very wild!
She is fur, needle felted, polymer clay,glass eyes,hair& stockings

I would love to get inside of Anita's head and see her inspiration
Is this little one looking at her own heart?
Or the Heart of another?

Next I recieved a lttle treasure from miss Michelle Schafer
over at The Studio at Crow Haven Farm

She is jumping for joy that she made it all the way to
a house full of dollies.
She is so poseable and fun to play with!
She has a paperclay head,polymer hands
with a cloth wrapped wire armature body.
Her clothing is hand sewn with an adorable beaded belt
Her little covered basket has a bunny

Her she is serene in her new home
I can see that she is enjoying her pink surroundings

Finally here is the other little giveaway I promised!
Tell me what you want and I will send you a little gifty!
Pick out one of these little items and it will fly your way

I will leave you with a final work in progress.
This is the beginning of a new doll...we shall see where she ends up!

Love to all and be creative in some way everyday!
xoxo Sheri DeBow