Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tea Party Fun!!!

Oh Everyone is soooo excited!
All the lacy dresses and pretty china and fine linens!
The Tea Party Has begun!

Scrumptious Snacks!
Delectable Delights!

And a nice warm Tea Pot to keep us going all night!!!
We're late! we're late! For a very important date!
Of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't run late!
The white Rabbit is trying to keep me on track!
Better late than Never!

"Colette" my Mad Hatter, is Running the show
Too much Jelly and Toast!
Time to be ladylike and find my little napkin!
Cheers to everyone! Enjoy the Teatime!


  1. Happy party day! The party is so much fun. Loving all your tea pots and whimsy! Hope you get to drop by my party

  2. Oh my, what a deeeeeeeeeeeeeelightful party! I think you underestimated and you will need FOUR of you with all those ideas in your head! Wonderful art dolls! Please stop by for tea with Alice and me.

  3. Colette is a joy and a lovely hostess...your treats are simply beautiful!! Thank you for letting me come to your party!

  4. Very cute! Lovely party and Colette is a very nice hostess. :)

  5. Colette is very pretty. Such big eyes she has! Enjoyed the "eye" treats. thanks - Jeanne in Oregon

  6. Love, love, love your party and your work!

  7. wonderful tea party, I had so much fun visiting!

    You’re invited to please visit stop by and visit my party where we’re having a tea of a time!!

  8. A charming tea party! Colette makes a very good mad hatter!


  9. Your dolls are so gorgeous! I love the way you paint them, so original! Happy tea party day to you!

  10. I love it all! The dolls, the tea pots and cups, and even the enchanted pincushions and such!

  11. Dear Alice did you get a new haircut. It looks so funky.

    Colette looks quite as mad as my sister Colette.

    Renee xoxo

  12. Your dolls are amazing...such beautiful expressive faces! Please visit me!

  13. What a grand tea party! Collette is surely a MAd hatter indeed!
    Thank you so much for the visit!

  14. Sorry, I'm late. I've just escaped from my own mad party.
    Had a splendid time relaxing here and taking tea with you. I agree that Collette if the most fun Mad Hatter there is.

  15. Everyone is excited - as I can see on the dolls faces :-) And your teapots I love with their unusual shapes and playful drawings

  16. I love your dolls! What a fun tea party!

    A very Merry Unbirthday!
    Erin :)

  17. I just love your bee teapot! It is so curious that these Mad Tea Parties are still going strong! I've yet to clean mine up, so please feel free to follow me back down the rabbit hole to Haute Whimsy before life goes back to simply mundane!

  18. Love the teapot collectioN!

    I am still tea-partying! I am holding a giveaway of my own to keep the party rolling. Please come by and say hi at

    Enjoy the day!

  19. Heloooo Ostrich LOVE!!! I am finally here! I have been so sick, but today I am much better and enjoying my visit to you like mad!!

    I adoooooore the creations I am spying all around here, goooodness, magical!!

    Thank you for being a fantastical part of Wonderland!!
    xo, V

  20. I think you underestimated and you will need FOUR of you with all those ideas in your head!

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