Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cutest Niece Ever!

08-09 art pics 033, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

Wow she is growing up so fast and I haven't even got to spend half the time I want with her! She is my fun little artist who would go crazy if I ever just let her free in my studio! Wildly talented and I am so proud of her! She has a Birthday in a couple weeks and I have been stockpiling goods for a while! She is my little fashion girl and this Auntie loves to see what trend she is l;oving this week! I love you Chasey bug!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hello from the Halloween Show!
Happy Halloween To All!
I hope all is well!
I have been away and working and playing Hard!
The Halloween show opened at Eclectix on October 16th
and my work was shown
along with many amazing artists including my friend
Jennybird Alcantara !
The night was a blast and there were many artists
there to meet and mingle !
Such a great turnout and so much eyecandy!
Check out to see for yourself!

Then Jenny and I jumped in a car and headed to L.A.
For the Aid for Aids benefit , Best In Drag Show
This event raised over 355,000 dollars in help
for the people suffering from this disease!

We laughed at the antics and the show
And we cried at the emotion and the depths
that people will go to help others.
Mary louise Parker and John C. Reily both
gave 10,000 dollars to the cause!
It was an honor to be able to contribute even in a small way!
We were definitely feelin' the Love!!!!

This is my little
"Sacred sister"
from the show at Eclectix

Little miss Anna Ferris was in attendance
She is a doll and sweet to match!

And of course the beautiful Mary Louise Parker!
She was so kind and humble
and when I told her that my 17 year old son
thinks she's "HOT" on "Weeds"
She said,"Oh my gosh !I LOVE him!"
She is soooo cute!

Miss "Mousy"
at the Show

"Scarlet's Locket"

Hope to see everyone soon!
Oh by the way!
My dolls come out in Art Doll Quarterly
On November 1st
Hooray !
I hope everyone gets to see Them!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Julia and The Cabinet of Dreams"
Pieces for my solo show hanging at "Bloom"

"Bubble gum Secrets"
That's me Standing between:
"Caught In the Headlights"
" Eva Marie and All She Has to Give"

I had to have this picture of Feline!
She is adorable and she looks so cute standing in front of:
"Dreams and Wishes and No Place Like Home"

Here are the pieces still hanging at home waiting for the show

Yikes! Work in progress!
Give me some hair!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tea Party Fun!!!

Oh Everyone is soooo excited!
All the lacy dresses and pretty china and fine linens!
The Tea Party Has begun!

Scrumptious Snacks!
Delectable Delights!

And a nice warm Tea Pot to keep us going all night!!!
We're late! we're late! For a very important date!
Of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't run late!
The white Rabbit is trying to keep me on track!
Better late than Never!

"Colette" my Mad Hatter, is Running the show
Too much Jelly and Toast!
Time to be ladylike and find my little napkin!
Cheers to everyone! Enjoy the Teatime!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is a work in progress for Jacqui at Odd dolls
She is going to be "Eros goddess of chaos"
Can you see the chaos in the background?
That is my life at this moment!

Here we are in the circus of my world!
Three days ago I had surgery
I was living in the cloud of Vicodin and the cloud lifted!
Now that I am recouping I thought maybe
I could get caught up on a few things!
So here we go!

I hung some new art in the middle of my play things!
Notice the little hands below that think they need
to help contribute to mommy's mini gallery!

This is my new art doll "Ferral Girl"
She is made by Anita Collins
She is based on Gary MCrozier's series "Broken Dolls"
I love her! I hope you can see what I see!
She is so fragile and soft and yet she is very wild!
She is fur, needle felted, polymer clay,glass eyes,hair& stockings

I would love to get inside of Anita's head and see her inspiration
Is this little one looking at her own heart?
Or the Heart of another?

Next I recieved a lttle treasure from miss Michelle Schafer
over at The Studio at Crow Haven Farm

She is jumping for joy that she made it all the way to
a house full of dollies.
She is so poseable and fun to play with!
She has a paperclay head,polymer hands
with a cloth wrapped wire armature body.
Her clothing is hand sewn with an adorable beaded belt
Her little covered basket has a bunny

Her she is serene in her new home
I can see that she is enjoying her pink surroundings

Finally here is the other little giveaway I promised!
Tell me what you want and I will send you a little gifty!
Pick out one of these little items and it will fly your way

I will leave you with a final work in progress.
This is the beginning of a new doll...we shall see where she ends up!

Love to all and be creative in some way everyday!
xoxo Sheri DeBow

Friday, May 15, 2009

" All the Gurlz Again" at Eclectix!

O.K. so it has been a while since I have had two minutes to sit
down and give everybody the "What's Up?"
About the show at Eclectix! WOW!
What a great night! So much positive feedback!
I wish you all could have been there in person
but I will do my best to convey the night
so you will feel like you were there

So we are gonna do this Tarantino style
cause the pics loaded backwards
We are starting with the after party!
This is my girlfriends husband John
who took a ton of great photos.

This is John Mosbaugh My girlfriend Jennybird's Husband
And this is Jenny and I at the after party!

This is a handfull of my girlfriends
that made it down from Napa and Sonoma and San Fransisco
Jen,Amy,Carrie,Cari,me,Pam,Jennybird and Michelle

The show had about 200 people in attendance.
Over 40 people showed up just for me and
one of my girlfriends drove all the way from Oregon!

This is "Othello's Gift to Desdemona"
She was displayed on an antique nesting table.

This is the underskirt of "La petite Colette's ..." Dress

" La petite Colette, First Night on the Street"

The Catepillar and hand sculpted Mushrooms
Closer details of the "Allysin Wunderland..." Piece

The front of her little stage has a quote from the Madhatter
Basically about how he would make nonsense of sense
and chaos from order......and I completely relate!

"Allysin Wunderland and the Power of Suggestion"

"Wait I'm Not Ready"

This my Husband and I, feeling Joy and relief at the same time!
He was so proud of me and a great time was had by all!

If you want to see more you can check my Facebook
or go to to check out the other artists
Sorry it took me so long to get going again!
I hope this great news was worth the wait!
Thanks for everyone's continued support!
xoxo Sheri DeBow