Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hello from the Halloween Show!
Happy Halloween To All!
I hope all is well!
I have been away and working and playing Hard!
The Halloween show opened at Eclectix on October 16th
and my work was shown
along with many amazing artists including my friend
Jennybird Alcantara !
The night was a blast and there were many artists
there to meet and mingle !
Such a great turnout and so much eyecandy!
Check out to see for yourself!

Then Jenny and I jumped in a car and headed to L.A.
For the Aid for Aids benefit , Best In Drag Show
This event raised over 355,000 dollars in help
for the people suffering from this disease!

We laughed at the antics and the show
And we cried at the emotion and the depths
that people will go to help others.
Mary louise Parker and John C. Reily both
gave 10,000 dollars to the cause!
It was an honor to be able to contribute even in a small way!
We were definitely feelin' the Love!!!!

This is my little
"Sacred sister"
from the show at Eclectix

Little miss Anna Ferris was in attendance
She is a doll and sweet to match!

And of course the beautiful Mary Louise Parker!
She was so kind and humble
and when I told her that my 17 year old son
thinks she's "HOT" on "Weeds"
She said,"Oh my gosh !I LOVE him!"
She is soooo cute!

Miss "Mousy"
at the Show

"Scarlet's Locket"

Hope to see everyone soon!
Oh by the way!
My dolls come out in Art Doll Quarterly
On November 1st
Hooray !
I hope everyone gets to see Them!


  1. so that's where you've been hiding, lol! Glad to hear things are going great for you. Oh my gosh, your dolls never cease to amaze me! Congrats on having them in Art Doll Quarterly, I always buy that magazine, so when it shows up here, I will flip through the pages anxiously until I find yours :-D

    the dolls you show on this post, are they busts only? They look like they are heads on a wood base, and hanging on the wall like paintings. Very cool!

    peace :-)

  2. okay I just got back from checking out your flickr page, girl, you are going to be crazy famous when people see your work in that magazine!!
    I'm speechless.....

  3. i was wondering when your dolls were going to be in the magazine!!!
    lots of great things happening in your pink little world--i love it!
    big hugs

  4. , your dolls never cease to amaze me! Congrats on having them in Art Doll Quarterly,

    Work From Home

  5. Amazing dolls I've never seen yur shop

  6. I absolutely love your art! It's so unique. I can't get over how much expression you are able to put in the faces, the blonde bride is so awesome!