Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh to have some lazy dayz!

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So I have been painting and I would love to be like the characters in my paintings.Soon spring will be here and then summer and am I the only person that is feeling like they are all sort of melting into each other? I don't want to make myself crazy with such a full life but I also don't want to miss a single thing. Will I miss something because my life is too filled up with other things? It's a conundrum!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little in Size Big in Attitude

ooOh my gosh. What is he going to get into next?!The is the last of the clan and he is the one that is breakin' me down!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Goodies

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Now that we all feel like Templeton the rat after a long day at the carnival ,well at least I do,it's time to go to bed fat and happy. Tomorrow there will be salad and plenty of water and another chance to be a good little soldier in the fight to force myself to eat healthy.
I did this painting, not because I was hungry, but because it reminds me of when I didn't have a care in the world.Not my health, not my body, not my looks, not who I saw, not where I lived, not how I spent my time, or wasted my time, not thinking it was wrong to live in my tutu , not that my body wouldn't be built for ballet,not cavities, not my hair being dissheveled, not my bills.....the list goes on and on . Do you remember?
What's your favorite child hood memory? Send me your most treasured child hood memory in a comment and whoever's story I pick: I will write about it, attempt to match one of my pieces of art to go with the post and I will send you some little surprise gifty that hopefully will also remind you of your child hood! Find a happy Place! Find a happy Place! Find a ....


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I hope everyone out there has a few special secrets shared with someone you Adore!!!

" On the Outside Looking In"...

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Shelter from the rain. I know we need this rain but can't it just rain at night? Everything would get a really great bath and the earth can have a drink and then those of us who have to drag toddlers in and out of carseats and mass groceries from the street.And I have to say that my artwork suffers because I do sooo much outside.So I am ready for this dark gloomy weather to end.Rain rain go least in the day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cupid's Valentine visit

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I am hoping that everyone out there is feeling loved .Whether it's your kids,your husband , your cat, God,your mama,your best friend, or someone new in your life ,this year is a year we all deserve big love!May you find your heart in a healthy state at the end of this holiday!....But definately eat some GOOD chocolate, even if you buy it for yourself!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

O.K. everyone for some crazy reason my computer will only load this pick side ways so this is my second second giveaway package! The winners are Pinkglitterfae and NiKKi/WhiMSylove!
I want to say "Thankyou!" to everyone for all the wonderful compliments and the great response. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone on the Gypsy caravan.
I have had sooo many series of emotions as I have read through peoples lives on thier blogs.I love the fearlessness of the people willing to be vulnerable and tell all the heart wrenching details of the circumstances they are in right now! I sat many nights with tears rolling down my cheeks, feeling happiness for that new baby or niece or nephew or sadness for the passing of a dear friend or a loved pet.I sat sobbing reading about despair and cancer and people who are still fighting for their lives in the face of hopelessness.
I want to be this strong.I want you to know what an incredible inspiration you are. I feel helpless.I will be praying for all of you.
I know this is feeble but if it brings a smile to someone I will be thrilled! So this second gift is my attempt at reaching some little shred of happiness for you out there, that I crazily feel connected to because you shared little pieces of your world with me!!!
I will be continuing to attempt to finish the list as I really only had time to respond to those that reached out to me .I can't wait to meet you all!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Sasha,the Blacksheep of the family"

This is my little Sasha marrionette, she was made with one of my best girlfriends as the inspiration. She looks on at her sisters...I wonder what she is thinking?
I am soooo excited because right now she is hanging in the window of Eclectix , Patricia Zemanek's gallery in El Cerrito, Ca. Sasha is dressed in her bright red tutu with her little black heart tattooed on her chest. She is ready to celebrate Valentine's day. The day of love. She will not be cynical ,even though that makes her laugh, because she just has too many people in her life who love her!
Life has a funny way of shaping us.It always amazes how two people can have the same events happen in their life and yet they come away with a completely different experience.One can grow and learn and soften while the other holds on to the pain and the bitterness and has a morose look on life, just barely exisisting.

I hope for more than exisisting. I have had my "curled up in the fetal position" days. Days where you have to be talked off the ledge.Not too many but enough to appreciate the wonderful days. I hope you have someone wonderful to reel you back in . Someone who pushes you to create and stop when it's not right and begin again. And stand up for what you believe and for what you know is right for you! To be strong and make you laugh when you really just thought you would be crying all day.I love you Jenny!p>

Monday, February 2, 2009

This is how it all starts!

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ostrich girl Pro User says:

If you want to check out my ONE WORLD ONEHEART giveaway you have to scroll down to the older posts! Enjoy!I don't think I could pack one more thing into our living room.I know so many people would feel claustraphobic attempting to live among the things I love. I am one of those people that everything is sentimental for me.Little things are special.I have tried to make some old things into something that can be used now ,like old fur that was my Gramma's made into a purse for me by my girlfriend Jenny over at J.C.Rae. But you just can't turn every old movie stub and glass nicnak into something useful.But I HAVE to keep those things because I CAN turn them into new art! Hooray!

Happy Heart Day!!!

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Wow how crazy has the One World One heart giveaway been? What a fun event to be part of. I am loving seeing everyones hard work and generosity.All the wonderful things that everyone has said is also very much appreciated! So THANKYOU! From the bottom of my heart!
This is a shadow box I sculpted and built five years ago for my first artshow.A man named Terry Letson came in and bought the piece at a little gallery.Six weeks later when the show ended I delivered the piece to him.We talked about art for a while and then food and then movies and then life and the next thing you know he invited me to dinner.We were inseperableand not long after that he asked me to marry him! We were married six months later.I love him with all my heart .Especially the part where we have been able to make each others dreams come true!