Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh to have some lazy dayz!

, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

So I have been painting and I would love to be like the characters in my paintings.Soon spring will be here and then summer and am I the only person that is feeling like they are all sort of melting into each other? I don't want to make myself crazy with such a full life but I also don't want to miss a single thing. Will I miss something because my life is too filled up with other things? It's a conundrum!!!


  1. Sheri, she is adorable and I too wish I could be like your little girl in your painting...not care in the world! Life gets overwhelming sometimes and that's when we just have to step back and take a deep breath and let it out! I'm with you girl! If I can help, let me know!
    Cheers my friend

  2. its funny because just yesterday I was driving and saw a little boy and girl walking hand and hand down the street, brother and sister out playing till dark and I said man I wish I was a kid again, for moments like that! The feeling must be going around. Good luck with your show on Friday Girlie!! tweet!bird

  3. You and your beautiful art.

    A full life is a good thing. A hectic life is not.

    Live in the moment and be present wherever you are.

    It is a truth that time flies.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  4. Heaven forbid that I ever come between you and your best friend and a painting. I can't wait to see them. I know they will be brilliant. As a matter of fact remember I called it when they turn out exactly that way.


  5. I've been going through your blog looking at all your fabulous art and dolls and puppets!!! OH MY! I just didn't have a chance during OWOH to really SEE blogs as they are!
    I am hoping we meet soon (through Terisa) - actually weren't you coming to tea with us before it had to be canceled this past Dec.?
    Terisa has told me how wonderful you are so I hope we can all plan something soon!

  6. If you have that full a life, I don't think you are missing much! What is important to you will filter in. Others will read this post and feel envy!

    Lovely painting...