Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Sasha,the Blacksheep of the family"

This is my little Sasha marrionette, she was made with one of my best girlfriends as the inspiration. She looks on at her sisters...I wonder what she is thinking?
I am soooo excited because right now she is hanging in the window of Eclectix , Patricia Zemanek's gallery in El Cerrito, Ca. Sasha is dressed in her bright red tutu with her little black heart tattooed on her chest. She is ready to celebrate Valentine's day. The day of love. She will not be cynical ,even though that makes her laugh, because she just has too many people in her life who love her!
Life has a funny way of shaping us.It always amazes how two people can have the same events happen in their life and yet they come away with a completely different experience.One can grow and learn and soften while the other holds on to the pain and the bitterness and has a morose look on life, just barely exisisting.

I hope for more than exisisting. I have had my "curled up in the fetal position" days. Days where you have to be talked off the ledge.Not too many but enough to appreciate the wonderful days. I hope you have someone wonderful to reel you back in . Someone who pushes you to create and stop when it's not right and begin again. And stand up for what you believe and for what you know is right for you! To be strong and make you laugh when you really just thought you would be crying all day.I love you Jenny!p>


  1. I love Sasha! You just created another wonderful doll, where do you find the time for everything?
    Sounds like you have a great friend in Jenny, we could all use someone like that. I know of those dark days, but luckily I have strong spirit that kicks my own butt, and refuses to let me just 'exist'. What usually follows is a nice long creative period :-D

  2. hi again Sheri! Hey what can I say, I am fast, haha! I didn't realize you had a link on Jenny's name. I just clicked on her name, and recognized her immediately. The girl is amazing! I had run across her art before, because I remember looking through her website,and bookmarking it. It is eerie art, I have no idea how she gets her ideas, but she is super talented! She is a true artist! Reminds me of some similar kinds of art I came across in Montreal. My sister didn't want to look at it, it scared her, but I was fascinated. Jenny has that effect on me too.

  3. Sheri you're so sweet! thank you for the love. I love you too!!

  4. she is beautiful...i am really enjoying my visit to your blog....Melinda

  5. Girl, you need to join us over at ADO!Boy we sure would love to have you there. I love your dolls, this post is just awesome...the poor little black sheep...that's ok, they have more fun! LOL

  6. My new little friend...I'm so excited that you have joined ADO... Welcome and you have been tagged. Pick it up on my blog! LOL

  7. HI Sheri:)

    Your dolls are wonderful!!! I love sasha:)
    I am sooo glad you joined us at ADO!! You will love it there, every one is so Awesome and amazing!! I can't wait to see what you do for the shakespeare challenge!!

    OH YA....I am following you:)


    And yes, we do have alot in common:)

  8. Oh, that Sasha is a Saucy Wench, isn't she? What a great personality.

    Kate (Shibori Girl form OWOH)