Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blustery Day

, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

I am Loving the windy weather and that it blew the rain away for a few days! Hooray for the time change! Hooray for the sun! Hooray for long days to work outside and paint outside ! I am still so thrilled and amazed to pop around to the different blogs. I love how creative everyone is !!!

If you want to get a dose of energy,happy and fun check out the joy coming off of Linda Cardina of GEMnI.She is one seriously happy girl! She is inspiring on so many levels to get off your butt and attack your life with some serious gusto!
So my winner of my little mini giveaway was Renee from Circling My Head.Renee it is going to take me a bit to come up with art to go with your awesome story because I have decided it is just too inspiring and I will have to paint your story! I will be sending your little gifties out very soon! Love to everyone!!!


  1. I haven't seen the sun in soooo long, ah to live in California :-D
    Love this angel! and how you add colors from the background into the skin, another amazing piece from you!

  2. Hey girlie!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my sculpture. I am going to hop over to etsy and look at your beautiful dolls!

  3. hi Sheri! thanks for your comment! I'm psychic, I can read your posts before they are done, lol! just kidding :-)

    Something is strange here in blogland, your blog is in my reading list, so when I sign in I can see when you got a new post and always head over to check it out. Now you got me worried, because I edit my posts alot and now wonder if maybe when we click the save button, it actually publishes it? that would explain why I saw your post before you were done...hmmm, I may have to test that out...

    Isn't if funny how sometimes you get tons of ideas at night? It can get exhausting when your ready to fall asleep, then get another image, and have to turn on the lamp and write it wonder I'm so tired at work :-)

  4. sorry to hog your post, but wanted to say a big congrats to Renee! she is the most wonderful woman, and deserves to win. She is very lucky to get some artwork from you!

  5. Hi There..Hey, I just nominated you for a Lemonade Blog's just to say thanks for your really don't have to post it if you do not wish...but visit my blog to check it out. xoxo linda

  6. omg!! thank u so sheri!! u really made my day! but u my friend are sooo inspiring! i really love your blog and your work it breath taking!!. i've been visiting yr blog quite often since i found of the best ways to get my daily dose of inspiration. i hope u have a beautiful day sheri!!xoxoxolinda

  7. Your painting is gorgeous.

    Woot woot, I am so glad I won. Yahoo.

    Super excited, almost flying really.

    Love Renee