Tuesday, March 17, 2009

They are such great buddies!
These two almost never fight! They laugh and play and almost always have to be in each others spaces, they even share toys which is unheard of for one and three year old boys!
So my first two started fighting the day the second was born.
They have had to grow to love each other.They are so different and I always try to tell them that they are each others history.
They are sixteen months apart but there are times that they seem worlds apart!

The Baby! He is as wild and fun as his hat!
He is so fun and squishy ! I don't want to stop kissing his softy baby cheeks!

This is my one and only Favorite daughter! Here she is with her big brother.
She is planted smack in the middle of the house full of boys.
She says she loves it. Hmmm... should I be concerned?
She can definetely hold her own with them.
So I have talked about having five kids and they started to seem like
the imaginary kids since I had not put them in my blog.
( well, other than to use them for the excuse of why
I am living on caffeine)
So here are all my monkies,big and little.
I love them soooo much!
They are fun,lovable,noisy,
hilarious,wild, a constant lesson in patience
and the light of my life!!!


  1. Look at all of those beautiful faces! I was the only girl(the baby) out of four boys and I loved it too. I'm sure they didn't appreciate me be under foot all the time :]
    Oh, how I love kissie cheeks too.....So Sweet!

  2. what a beautiful family you have! and only one girl, lol! The first picture is just adorable, the expression on their faces, I'll bet you all have so much fun together.
    And there is nothing wrong with living on caffeine, lol! I love my coffee, it relaxes and energizes me, depends on what I need it to do, its magical, haha!
    glad you liked my health tips, if you don't like the taste of the ACV drink, it is because your body is acidic, the ACV will move it more alkaline which is what you want. Once it's balanced out a bit, you will find you like the flavour. I have it in writing that you plan on running around with your kids in your bikini, so you better do it,lol!

  3. These photos are wonderful! So much fun being had, and they all get along so well.


  4. Oh Sheri how much you must adore them. They are all gorgeous, I must say.

    You are so blessed and I believe that they are so blessed to have you too.

    Love it and thanks for sharing.

    And believe me your daughter will control them all.


  5. Sheri thanks for stopping by. xoxoox kisses and hugs.

    Your kids are in a happy home, look at their smiles. Joy.

    Love Renee xoxoxo