Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clowns and Jugglers!

Mr. Juggler is ready to entertain you!
I wish I was better at Juggling...my life!
I have so much on my plate right now
and yet here am, playing with my new found computer skills!
I should be painting or sculpting but I justify not doing that with the fact that if I get out paint or get my hands all covered in clay it seems to be the time without fail that I get a call from the school about some shennanigan that my son has gotten into, or one of my babies has wrecked their diaper.The constant interuptions do not work well with my art.Not because it wrecks my art but because I will neglect my responsibilities for the love of my art.So my art must wait until bedtime or an occasional day at Gramma and Poppas. Or until Daddy is free .I know all you multi- tasking mommies out there are getting me!!!
I can't believe how quickly time passes when I sit down to my computer.
You know the old saying" Time flies when your'e having fun."
I think in blog land it flies in double time!
Be creative and love to all!

1 comment:

  1. Your juggler is amazing. Is your man ribbed like that. Holy cow.