Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad!
I love you two sooo much! What a wonderful history of dedication and love! You stand out in the crowd of people who don't make it! Plus you are still best friends and love to play together! We should all be Jealous!!!


  1. Your parents are sooo gorgeous!!! They look delightfully lovely, inside and out!! xoxo (my parents are still together too, it is a beautiful gift to share a long love, and a wonderful gift for us kids too ;)

  2. Sheri, what a beautiful post and you have great looking parents who still look truly happy! Cheers to your Parents!
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Oh, I just love seeing these two pictures together! They are a beautiful couple in both, but to see how they've changed is beautiful too. (Gotta LOVE that beard!)


  4. Oh, look at those two! They are a beautiful pair and it's so wonderful to see couples that have grown with each other. Love those smiles!

  5. What a sweet little post for your parents! Dave and I are on our way. I really think sharing religous beliefs help in sustaining a well balanced marriage!

  6. Your parents are beautiful.

    Your Dad's eyes completely stand out, holy, are they ever blue.