Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Acrobats! Come one come all!

Hello fellow acrobats and performers!
Stretch your limbs and get ready to march in the carnival parade!

, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.
Seriously has anyone ever had a crush on a carney!
You know the young boy who doesn't belong there, hasn't totally wrecked himself with drugs, so he still has his teeth and you are say, 12 to 15 so you don't know better not to fall for the boy in the traveling show!
What about getting on a ride and looking at the person running the contraption
that is about to fling you in the air
Have you ever wondered if there were any parts missing
when they finished construction?
But you can't beat the scrumptious greasy food.
Thank God that it's only once a year!


  1. I'm seriously laughing so hard, I slapped my desk.

    'so he still had his teeth'

    Oh my God, I love it. xooxo

    You so rock.

  2. Oh you ARE the clever one! teehee