Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the winner isssss....
Okay seriously people I just couldn't stand to pick one!
So My Winners ARE:
Just Jingle
Chelle of Dasmauspad
Ziggy Stardust
Between my blog and onto my facebook
I had about 300 of the fun and craziest people!
I never had two seconds to enter
cause I am sculpting for my new show in L.A.
But I will be popping by to everyone who left me comments!
Thankyou as always for stopping in,
the sweet words & I know how busy we all are,
so even for taking the time
to spread a little encouragement!
Life is soooo full of Yuck
that it is so fun when we all get to send
in the LOVE!!!!!
Wow gettin' way cheesy,
but I guess that's my feeling tonight!

" Catfish"

If you get a second, rent it.
Oh the sadness that is out there!
Let us hope that we all fill our lives with truth
and in return experience happiness that is reality!
Talk soon!!!!! : )


  1. oh my goodness! thank you so much! you totally rock! i had my heart set on this one. i have been a follower and fan of all your art for a while so i am feeling so very lucky today! i especially love your dolls.... oh they are enchanting! i will email you with my address right NOW!


  2. Hey dollface ;) YOU LITTLE BEAUTY!!! What a brilliant surprise to wake up this morning and find your post, I'm dancing like bear in a Russian circus and feeling the love emanating from the virtual area of your blog!! You are a generous soul too sharing the feelgood magic to so many of us OWOH dudettes... take care I'll email address asap ;)

  3. Hey Sheri, just came to visit you, looks like you've been busy because there's no new post, looks like you were right about needing more hours in the day (or U x 3) LOL Take care don't forget to smell (& drink) the coffee ;)

  4. I love your dolls!!!!!!!!!!and your blog, too. Besos!

  5. Sheri,
    it was a brilliant day today when I opened my front door and found a box full of amazing "stuff"... In the midst of all that pink Juicy Couture tissue paper I found exactly what I had been wishing for... and it wasn't a Juicy bag... I am very honored to have your creations in my hands, you were very generous in your gift giving and I am very thankful!!! Good luck in all your endeavors and happy doll making!


  6. Funny was great to see your dolls in ADO on the Cover!! I am looking forward to our time together..'

    Baby fat...that is a hard one..I nurse 2.5 years to get mine off way back...But then put on more over the years then I weighed when I was is nice to lose and wear some fun cloths..again. To bad we don't dress like they did in the Middle ages...fat was in!..made you look loved and taken care of..not starving..

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