Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

I have been away and it seems like forever!
I can't believe that life really is a cheesy quote from a cheesy soap opera,
"Like sand through the hour glass,so are the days of our lives"
Hahahahaha! I guess we have to make every second count!

So Here I am trying to jump back on the band wagon!
These are just some fun pics
Things that have been posted ,some not.
I am thinking about jumping in on the OWOH give away
cause it was so much fun last year!!!!

To give or not to give?....No, I think to give is the answer!

Holidays and sick kids are over!
Time for some smiling for no reason again!
Or for many reasons too numerous to count!!


  1. Hey Sheri where have you gone girl? I missed seeing you around!
    I subscribe to Somerset's newsletter and I saw the new Art Doll magazine was out..I noticed the incredibly wicked doll on the cover, so clicked to see what was in this issue, and noticed the cool doll was by someone named Sheri (couldn't read the last name very well) but I thought, could it be the Sheri I know? Holy cow! what an huge honor for you to be on the cover! I am so proud of you! I never understood how you weren't more well known but after this, you will be.
    I am also very happy that I was one of the lucky people to win your OWOH prize last year. OK, have I rambled on enough yet, lol! can't wait to pick up this issue.
    Congratulations sweetie!
    betty (pink)

  2. I don't know why I didn't come here sooner, what a wonderful place :)

  3. just happened across your page

    your stuff is fucking weird!
    (that is a good thing)

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  5. Hi there, I am absolutly amazed by your outstanding, fabulous dolls.
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    have a great weekend

  6. I wish you live in a place where there is no time..and all the time is yours..

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  9. i love these creepy but cute little figures..^^

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  11. i love ur dolls! amazing work. made so precisely, so... hm. i love art, i also love to do stuff like that by myself. one day i'll take some pics and show them on my blog ;)
    i'll start visiting u :)

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