Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here is one of my sweet loves, heading to New Orleans
"St. Brigitte Cheyanne"
The Saints & Souls show at the Poet's Gallery
was a blast!
Here are some of My Dolls in the show

Little Miss St. Alice
Patron Saint of all things Feminine & Beautiful

Little Izzy,Patron Saint of all Lost Dolls

St. Gabrielle, Patron Saint of Hunted Animals

Brigitte,Jaqueline,Gabrielle & Alice
waiting to for their big adventure in New Orleans

"St. Melody& St. Zara,
Patron Saint of Childhood Friendships Lost Through Time"

"Together in Faith ,
Together in Death"
Is the saying in Italian for
St. Julia and St. Cladius
She was imprisoned for her faith .
Julia converted the guard the set to watch her.
They were beheaded together

"Princess St. Adelaide,Patron Saint of Love That Fades"

The Dolly Troupe
Ready for the Big Easy
Time for Great food,Good People,
Fabulous Music and a Magical Sites

"Sweet St.Flora"
Ceaseless Hours of praying
Cared for the poor
She was the Patron Saint of the Abandoned

There will be more pics to come of the show!
All the artists are amazing!
I can't wait To Share Them With YOU!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my God I almost fell off my chair! You have really outdone yourself with these dolls! I could look at your dolls for hours, I don't know how you can part with them, lol!


  2. St. Brigitte Cheyanne is one of the most amazing dolls I have seen in a long time. She is insanely gorgeous and I am sooo happy to have found your dolls via Loopyboopy's blog.

  3. Sheri, your work is so amazing! They are all gorgeous!!!

  4. Fabulous! Fabulous! LOVE your work!

  5. Super Fabulous! Super Gorgeous!

  6. Simply amazing. Awesomely breathtaking. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing!