Sunday, May 3, 2009

"La petite Colette,First Night on the Street"

Sheri DeBow artwork, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

This is my newest sculpture!
She is going to be in a show at Eclectix this fri.May8th and the show runs until June 20th!
I am so excited and I wish that all of my blogging friends were going to be there
to see her in real life.As I walk through the door
I will be thinking of all the positive support you all give me!

The winner of the Giveaway is:
Kim from "Once Upon A Blue Crow"

This is just too much fun being generous for no reason
so I decided my next post will have to have a little giveaway as well!
I have some little springtime sculpted creatures
that need a loving home
so I will post some picks
and if you like what you see just leave me a little note
Also I think I will have to pick multiple people this time because
I can't stand leaving out any"Greedy Guts" who
are hoping to win!!! ( :
Love to all! xoxo Sheri DeBow


  1. Very Beautiful!! All of your work is so colorful and enchanted :D

  2. I won! I won! I won! Not trying to rub it in or anything :) Whoo hoo! Your new sculpture is amazing-OMG-She's incredible!I want a dress like that. We will be with you in spirit at Eclectix!

  3. Wow she is really beautiful. I can't decide if she's frightened or has been caught out with a young Romeo by her surly father. I kind of like the mystery.

  4. Well Sheri as you know I am the biggest greedy guts of all so bring on the contests baby.

    Colette is amazing. What a great piece and you must be very proud.

    Hope the family is all doing well.

    I love the lady from once upon a blue crow, so I guess it is a good win.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  5. girlfriend you never cease to amaze me! this latest doll of yours is is absolutely brilliant! I love everything about it, the expression, the elaborate costume. Never stop creating!
    and congrats to sweet Kim for winning your giveaway, she's pretty awesome too :-)

  6. oh lordy girl your creativity blows me away...this lady is magnificent!

  7. How did the show go. Did Colette blow their minds.