Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crazy Mixed up Give Away Post!

This is my Sister-in-law Regina's birthday!
She is the one with the looong dark hair and tons of it!
Happy girl's night out!

This post is going to have my giveaway in it FINALLY!
It will be at the bottom,but I am warning you!
I loaded these pics at 3 in the morning
so this all has no rhyme or reason!

The end of the rain and the beginning of my roses!

Regina and I on birthday night!

Elli and Jeremy on Easter

My oldest Drew,my brother and his buddy Tim on Easter

Elli with her treasures!

My mom and my 3 yr. old Luke!

Pam & I on Regina's birthday!

Jenny and I with our toes in the sand on a 90 degree
day on a San Fransisco beach!

Cheers to you if you made to the end!
I have to explain myself a little,I normally have some point
But in this case I was trying to get pics to a friend,
cover the giveaway and stay awake at the same time!
So I have decide to send out a little painting!
I don't know what yet but something fun
that will make you smile!
I have a couple in the works
so I will post the pics when I post the winner!
Leave a comment if you want to win one of my paintings
and it is as simple as that!
xoxo Sheri DeBow


  1. Sheri I hope it is me. Because I am a total greedy guts.

    I will be more than pleased to take this little mad hatter off your hands.

    Beautiful family and I can't get over how you look way to young to be a Mom to kids that old (did that help me win the giveaway).

    Seriously though you look amazing.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. How come all the people in your pics are just gorgeous, just like you?? you have a great life Sheri, you are very blessed, I'm sure I told you that before :-)

    yes yes yes!!! I would be thrilled with any of your artwork, it is so good, the winner will be very pleased...I would be happy if it was miss greedy guts above me, lol! she's pretty awesome too :-)

  3. WOW...look at all of you sexy goddess...Man I miss Cally, you lucky girl! Looks like I need to be in this group, except I'd be the one holding the entire bottle, without the sex appeal! LOL What fun was this party and everyone looks like they just had a ball.. Lovely and fun post Sheri. Thanks for sharing your adventures and your family and friends with all of us. Loved all of it! God your a cutie pie...Cheers my get some sleep you have a show coming up and I wish I could be there! I will be in spirit and giggling right next to ya!
    Love ya

  4. Looked like a great girls night out! Fun-Fun! So many beauties :]I can't remember the last time I had a girls night out, but I'm inspired!

  5. I was checking out all the people who signed up for the mermaid swap. Sign me up for a chance to win! You are too pretty btw!

  6. ~*You are very pretty! And your lovely paintings make me smile!*~

  7. Well I would love to be the lucky winner, and those are some really fun pictures, thanks for sharing!

  8. I looked at your Etsy site and love your work. I hope I am chosen as the winner.

  9. You are a HOT mama Sheri!! I bet you girls had a blast that night:) Lots of laughs I'm sure! It is usually trouble when that many good looking woman get together with alcohol involved!! LOL Oh the stories I could tell..hehe That rose is beautiful!! I can't wait till mine come out.
    OOOHHH and please please and pretty please sign me up for your give away for one of your amazing painting!!!One million times...shhhh I won't tell any one if you don't:~O
    I have a gallery in our tattoo studio where it would fit in perfectly.