Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Treacherous Gardens"by Jennybird Alcantara

This is the beautiful and talented
miss Jennybird Alcantara
all decked out in her feathers
just moments before the opening of her solo show
"Treacherous Gardens"
If you haven't taken time to see Jennybird's amazing art
I suggest you take time right now!
Jenny bird's show is running from March 31st-May 9th 2009
"Varnish", in downtown San Fransisco, is featuring her work. for directions

This is the piece for the title of the show
"Treacherous Garden"

Here we are in front of "Hiding Place"

This is Jennybird's wonderful friend Sigal Arad-Inbar
She flew all the way from New York to support Jenny!
Sigal is an amazing artist who sculpts creatures from her wild imagination
They are painted in extraordinary colors
You can see her work at

Towards the end of the night Jenny gets smooches
from her adorable husband John Mosbaugh
John is also an amazing artist in his own right.
He is a writer and he and Jenny have done a million
collabrative pieces together through their
ten years of craziness.
Last night I was bestowed with an autographed copy of John's book:
"Halloween in The Castro"
Besides writing poems for Jennybird's dolls,tons of short stories, he can whip up a play
and if you have ever had the privilege to see any of their productions,
you know what a talented duo they are!
I feel privileged to know that they are my friends!


This is Jenny's wonderful mama Lynn!
She has been a total joy

to have known for almost my whole life!
She is as outrageous and fun as Jennybird
She has always encouraged Jenny in any project
she has ever taken on!
Last night Lynn told a great story about buying Jenny a drafting table
when she was twelve.
She laughingly added that her and Jenny's father are taking credit
for all that she has accomplished!
She is truly proud of Jenny as everything that she has jumped into with both feet
has brought all her hard work and labors of love to where she is today!

This is Jennybird and I standing in front of
"Struggle In the Garden of the Porcelain Queen"

This is Jennybird with Kerri the owner of Varnish
throwin' down some signs Yo! Fo Sho!
( Jen, the other owner was being camera shy)

"Varnish" is so beautiful and if you want to be transported
into the dream that is Jenny's mind ,
you should see all this work in person!
Obviously my pictures are just an appetizer!
With over 300 people in attendance, what a spectacular turn out!
Jenny had so many wonderful and amazing artists
there to see her work and support her:
"Emily the Strange" Creator Rob Reger
Davey Wong from San Fransisco
Jack Howe from Santa Cruz,
Erica Steiner from San Fransisco
Aaron Castro from San Fransisco
Cheyanne"Miss Oblivious" from Seattle
more wonderful people that I didn't get to meet
and too many to name them all.
I have to say huge congratulations to Jennybird
as she sold almost half of the show on opening night!
What an exciting night and life for my childhood friend!
You are blowin' up girl!
And I love the humbleness you possess
when meeting and talking to so many people who love your work!
I will love you forever xoxo Sheri DeBow


  1. Sheri, her work is brilliant. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Congratulations to your friend.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Sheri what a fabulous I feel like I know her already...I'm heading over to check out her amazing work...did you have fun? I sure hope you had a BIG Martini for me...extra olives please...hehehehehe Great post..Truly enjoyed reading it!

  3. Wow, Sheri, love this post, and your blog!! By the way, I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award!-- Hop on over to my art blog to see :)

  4. hi Sheri, Jenny has some unbelievable talent! Of course I clicked on the pics to get a bigger view, I can't even imagine how she thinks them up. You both are lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive friendship :-)

    thanks for stopping by my blog, I am so happy that the oatmeal thing helped you lose weight! You know I throw out some tips, and it feels good to know that they have helped people :-)
    you go girl!! can't wait to see your "Allysin Wunderland". I'm intrigued :-D