Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The beautiful Assemblage work of Jack Howe!

Stories of art in Santa Cruz!
Yesterday I had the most wonderful privilege
of traveling to Santa Cruz with my beloved friends
Jennybird Alcantara and John Mosbaugh
We went to see the show at Cabrillo college Art Museum
Which was an installation of Jack Howe's work
His work is put together to deal with current and relevant issues
as well as tell where he has been and what roads he has traveled.
All of Jack's pieces tell amazing stories
My photos of course do not do the work justice
as it is so wonderful to see
it all as a whole installation
but these are some of the smaller details.

Jack has a great and twisted sense of humor
There is definitely a dark side to his work
but it is balanced well with the light side of humor.

This is a piece that he added an old canvas to and embellished
her in old, beautiful jewelry you might find
rummaging through your grandmothers drawers
Many of the pieces include old war relics, antique photographs
tiny metal guns,medallions from the Catholic church
so many little pieces of literal representation
that you can get the meaning
and the feelings he is conveying just by studying
all the imagery he has chosen to bring together!

"My Forgotten Doll"
Is my favorite piece as I relate to loving a doll so much
as a little girl and then moving on to boys and so on
only to come back to loving dolls again as a grown woman
and wishing I had many of those dolls that were"forgotten"
Oh The Irony!

This is Jack Howe at the end of our wonderfully guided
tour into his mind!
Jack thankyou so much for the wonderful evening
and the time spent painstakingly assembling
your beautiful stories, boxes, shrines and treasures of art!

Jack Howe with "Heavy the HandPuppet"


  1. Wow! These are amazing and poetic! And I love Jack at the end, with his little hand puppet! :D

  2. Awesome Sheri...You are a very lucky girl to see such wonderful works...Wish I was there with ya!