Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Natalia And Genevieve"

"Natalia And Genevieve", originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

.Most of the time I wish I could still live in the tutu I never wanted to take off as a child.I know that I am just a little girl trapped in an adults body.Whenever I get the chance to wear a petticoat or a tutu I still do.As " Phantom of the Opera" plays in the back ground, I can remember all those times of ballet class and dancing in front of a mirror dreaming of the stage. Fortunatley I have the best crazy girlfriends that "get it"! I love all things feminine and nothing could replace those amazing connections with all my girly friends! I hope every one out there has the connections to people you love that inspire you, encourage you, and "get you"!


  1. thank goodness for the people that 'get' us, I don't have lots, but hey, one will do :-D
    these are wonderful marionettes!!

  2. Your marionette box is beautiful!

  3. kisses xxx and hugs ooo

    Love Renee

    love your blog and thanks for letting me steal your art.