Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Great One World One Heart Give Away!

What a fun way to bring us all together! This is my first year. I just started my blog and I just barely found out about this event, I'm so excited that I didn't miss the Gypsie Caravan!

One World One Heart!


Here are some pictures of what you can win from my
Ostrich Girl
blog page;

  • Four different bookmarks or gifttags each with a print of an original painting done by me.
  • The kitty is one of my original hand sculpted ornaments.
  • The red birdies are signed and they are one of my orginal watercolors
  • The soft sculpture is a cupcake I made that doubles as a pin cushion
  • Behind it all is one of my "Marrionette Girl" screen printed T-shirts.

Don't forget that the winner is announced on February 12, 2009 so to be able to pick the winner I have to close the entries by February 11th. I can't wait to brighten your day with this special package of artwork! If you really want to see the detail on my items up close they are all on my flickr page so take a peek! I will announce the winner sometime after 1:00 pst. Be sure and leave me your best contact information so that I can let you know that you have won! I can't wait to meet everyone. Thank you for all the wonderful comments! Sheri DeBow

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Run! Goldilocks Run !

Arts pixs 2008-09 388, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

This is how I feel when I haven't finished my daily hopes of what I want to do and when I can't figure something out on my computer and when I have heard Mom,Mo-oooom (my daughter says it in two syllables and with lots of super fun attitude) Mommy or Momma yelled just one too many times through my house! It's so nice that they are all in bed now.It is so true how angelic( and quiet) they are when they sleep. Can't they sleep just a little more? Five kids? What a continual circus!Life is crazy and full and fun!

"Natalia And Genevieve"

"Natalia And Genevieve", originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

.Most of the time I wish I could still live in the tutu I never wanted to take off as a child.I know that I am just a little girl trapped in an adults body.Whenever I get the chance to wear a petticoat or a tutu I still do.As " Phantom of the Opera" plays in the back ground, I can remember all those times of ballet class and dancing in front of a mirror dreaming of the stage. Fortunatley I have the best crazy girlfriends that "get it"! I love all things feminine and nothing could replace those amazing connections with all my girly friends! I hope every one out there has the connections to people you love that inspire you, encourage you, and "get you"!

The "Not So Fairytale Life"

The "Not So Fairytale Life", originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

We' ve all grown up and wished for that happily ever after only to find that portions of our life are spent in a nightmare. Creating is as healing as any therapy offered out there. I hope everyone can look back at any nightmares that you have lived through and just let it be fodder for your work.Thank God for paint and clay and wood and fabric and pencils and ink and wire and plaster...and a sound mind...need I go on?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow White Angel

Snow White Angel, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

Soon my little toddler monkies will be going night night and I will get to be even more productive !Hooray!


Arts pixs 2008-09 480, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

Do you ever just have one of those days that you wake up and you just know everything is going to go right?Today is that day for me.I am getting things created in the middle of organizing my art supplies and taking care of my toddlers at the same time! How? Why isn't everyday this great? I don't know, but I just had to drop a little note to anyone who is waiting for that day to say,if it can happen in my crazy ,chaotic, rollercoaster of a life that ,yes, it will come to you soon! I pray blessings and creativity on everyones day!!! xoxoxox Sheri

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bunny Box

Arts pixs 2008-09 406, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

This little bunny box is eagerly anticipating all the spring time friends that will soon be here!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time to....

The New Year is here and I am hoping that everyone out there has the time and energy to create all the ideas that are taking up space in their mind .I don't make" Resolutions" but I am going to work toward better time management for the new year.Time management and a disorganized house seem to be the things I struggle with the most. I have enough art supplies in my home that I could open a store but so many times I can't find what I need and I wind up just buying more.I don't feel completely guilty about this as it's stuff I always wind up using eventually.There is an element of time wasted though having to go to the store and rebuy something that I KNOW I already own.Time to go and attempt to organize ....something,anything and then get to work!

Monday, January 5, 2009

So much fun!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What Fun! One World One Heart

This is my first year to be part of the One World One Heart giveaway!I just started my blog and I just barely found out about this event so I am so excited that I didn't miss the Gypsie caravan!
If you want to participate or you need more specific details click here:

I am so excited to brighten someones day with a special package of Sheri DeBow ( A.K.A. Ostrich Girl) Art! Here is what you will recieve! :

Ostrich girl T's having fun

Ostrich girl T's having fun, originally uploaded by ostrich girl.

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